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Brief description of the project background. Describe the project objective or purpose. What is the project target group(s)? What is the expected change and/or result the project activities will create?

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Describe the planned activities to reach the project objective

Describe, what are the roles and responsibilities of each of the project partners.

Priorities of the current Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) Presidency, the Barents Regional Council (BRC) Chairmanship, objectives of the current Barents Program or the Barents working groups.

Describe the planned communication activities that will ensure visibility of the project and its result.

Description of the risk management during the project implementation. Consider possible internal and external risks. What is the applicant´s ability to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the project? How the sustainability of the project results will be ensured?


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Eligible costs

Including audit report, max 10% of the total eligible costs

Max 10% of total eligible costs

Personnel, travel, sub-contracting, other direct costs. You may upload a detailed budget as an attachment.

Financing plan

Max 90% of the total eligible costs

Max 90% of the total eligible costs

Please specify information about who is providing the co-funding

Has the project applied/received funding for same type of activities from other sources?

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