The Barents Regional Committee

The Barents Regional Committee is a forum for civil servants from the member counties and a representative of the indigenous peoples. The Committee is responsible for preparing the meetings of the Regional Council.

The Committee prepares the meetings of the Regional Council and implements the decisions taken by the Regional Council. The Chairmanship of the Regional Committee is held by the same county as that of the Regional Council, and consequently alternates every second year. Each Chairman is responsible for setting up a secretariat to assist the work of the Committee.

North Karelia holds the chairmanship 2023-2025.

The Regional Committee meets regularly to discuss multilateral matters. The issues, such as co-operation projects, applications and initiatives are prepared in advance in each county: within the international department of the county administration of Sweden, Norway and Finland. The Norwegian counties have also established Norwegian Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes to organize their joint Barents-related work.

Chairmanship 2023-2025

North Karelia holds the chairmanship 2023-2025.

The Barents Regional Council in Joensuu, October 2023

For agendas and protocols of the Regional Committee please contact IBS.

Members of the Regional Committee