Trifon* tunnel near Storskog-Borisoglebsk border crossing point, Bøkfjord Bridge and reconstruction of the European route E105 on both sides of the border are good examples of long-term transport infrastructure development in the Barents region in accordance with the Joint Barents Transport Plan, which is being constantly updated.

Reconstruction of the road connecting Murmansk and Kirkenes was accomplished in 2017 and included building a new bridge and a 690 meters long tunnel on the Norwegian side as well as renovation of the road section leading to the border crossing point in Russia. After 10 years of negotiations and renovations, the highway has finally become faster and safer to drive: now it takes only 3 hours to reach Murmansk from Kirkenes.

The new road was opened with participation of high-level officials from both Russia and Norway. In the opening ceremony there were state secretaries of the two countries but also church representatives who blessed the new bridge, which is now connecting both literally and mentally the two countries and the two nations.

* The Trifon tunnel is named after the Russian monk Trifon (1495-1583), who held missionary work in the North.