Youth Issues

The main goal of the Working Group on Youth (WGY) is to increase youth cooperation in the Barents Region.

The Working Group on Youth promotes youth engagement in all areas of the Barents cooperation. The overall aim is to stimulate co-operation between the governments and regions within the Barents region, with a view to developing youth policies which are likely to ensure young people´s successful integration into society, with reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Barents Youth Summit, Tromsø, October 2021 (Photo: Norwegian Barents Secretariat)

Barents Regional Youth Council

The Barents Regional Youth Council (BRYC) works with the aim to strengthen youth cooperation in the Barents Region and empower the younger generation to participate more actively in the Barents regional development.

The BRYC consists of 14 members representing the youth from each county, oblast, republic and okrug in the Barents region as well as the indigenous youth. The BRYC is a member of and reports to the WGY. More information can be found here.





Representative of Indigenous Peoples Working Group (WGIP)

Other members