The event is part of the Barents climate support - project, financed by the Ministry of Environment Finland and hosted by Motiva Oy. The aim of the project is to find scalable tools for promoting climate management work in the municipalities of Barents region, and to support cooperation and sharing of good practices across the region.

In the webinar you will hear about concrete tools for climate management, how you can test them in practice, and you get to share ideas with your peers on the kind of tools and support that would work best in climate management issues in Barents region.


Part 1 Presentations and discussion about existing tools

In this part we will discuss about existing tools and the needs to develop support for municipal climate work:

  • What kind of tools are already in use? What kind of tools already work?
  • What kind of support is missing – is there a need for some other tools or support to promote climate work in municipalities?

As examples, we will introduce five existing climate management tools that are used in Finland:

  • A step-by-step guide for developing climate work in a municipality
  • Info material & self-assessment model for linking municipal economic and climate management
  • A model structure for a municipal climate roadmap, especially for smaller municipalities
  • Indicators to measure municipal climate goals and activities
  • A handbook for climate-wise procurement in municipalities & emission reduction potential of different procurement categories

Part 2 Peer learning opportunity
In this part we will introduce an offering for a peer learning opportunity: what it means in practice and how you can participate.