After many months of hard work and dedication, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new web page. The new web pages will revamp the Barents co-operation and offer a tidier navigation and search functionality. Users will experience that the web page meets the requirements for universal design as well as providing a responsive web solution that adapts to all screen sizes as well as a good user experience

In launching the new web page, the Norwegian chairmanship together with its member countries of the Barents co-operation would like to reach out to a broader audience informing about the important co-operation mechanism that exists between Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden in the European part of the Arctic. It is unique as it also includes a regional level, bringing together 13 regions in the northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and North West Russia.

The new web page will also showcase the wide co-operation that takes place, including culture, people-to-people, youth, environment, transport, health and rescue to mention some.

We hope you enjoy our new look