Barents Financial Mechanism Final report

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Co-Partner 1

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Co-Partner 2

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Additional Co-partners

Give a summary of implemented activities and results. Were the project objectives reached? Describe possible challenges and planned activities, that were not implemented or failed, and the reasons for this. Describe possible lessons learnt.

Describe, how the roles and responsibilities were realized within the project. Describe possible challenges and lessons learnt.

How did the project meet the objectives of Barents cooperation? How did the project support one or more of the following: priorities of the current Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) Presidency, the Barents Regional Council (BRC) Chairmanship, objectives of the current Barents Program or the Barents working groups?

What types of target group(s) were involved in the project? Who benefited from the project? Describe, what kind of impact or change the implemented project activities and achieved results have made to the project target group(s)

Give a brief description of communication and visibility activities implemented

Was the project implemented according to the planned schedule? Was the budget carried out as planned? If applicable, describe financial challenges and connect them to the project´s ability to reach its goal(s).

Did the project encounter any problems or risks impacting to the project implementation? How were the risks mitigated or resolved?

How will the project activities and result(s) have a long-term impact after the end of the project? Will the project activities or partnerships be continued after the project implementation? Any future perspectives or initiatives created by the project?


This information is collected for statistical reasons.

Participants from regions
RegionNumber of participantsNumber of representatives of indigenous peoples

Age of the participants

(in addition to project partners)

Eligible costs

Covering the whole project implementation period

Including audit report, max 10% of the total eligible costs

Max 10% of total eligible costs

Financial report

Covering the whole project implementation period.

Max 90% of the total eligible costs

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I, the undersigned, hereby confirm that the information given in this Barents Financial Mechanism Final Report is complete, factual, accurately reported and in accordance with the Grant Agreement.  

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