Master's student Anne Elise Bolla Nergaard from Nord University in Bodø, Norway, has joined us at the Secretariat in Kirkenes to do a three-month internship.

She has a background in International Relations from Nord University, where her field of study has emphasized topics regarding the Arctic- and Barents Region, The High North, and the changing of great power structures in international politics.

The internship at the IBS is of particular interest because it provides a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the multilateral cooperation in the Barents Region. This is highly relevant to my studies. It would be an opportunity to gain insight in how the different institutions of the Barents Cooperation maintain the multilateral relations between the member states, including how the Secretariat facilitate the cooperation.

The internship will culminate with the Summit of Barents Euro-Arctic Indigenous Sami People to take place 22 – 24 March in Brussels.