The Secretariat in Kirkenes has gained a new member when Saara Telinkangas, a master’s student at Helsinki University arrived for a three-month-long internship.

She is studying in the master’s program for Area and Culture studies with her focus on the Nordic area. Topics that have been relevant in her studies are Arctic issues, cross-cultural co-operation, minorities in the Nordics, and also communication, since she has a background in Scandinavian language studies.

I am excited to get a broader understanding on multilateral co-operation in the Barents region and to see what the Secretariats role is in it. The IBS was an especially interesting opportunity for an internship because in addition to the very useful work experience, it offers the possibility to travel outside of my normal everyday life and gain knowledge of the region by living there for a short while. An internship like this will definitely be relevant to my studies and guide me when finishing my master’s.

The main tasks of the intern will focus on support in indigenous and youth issues.