The International Barents Secretariat is very happy to welcome Katja Sukuvaara as a new adviser with the Secretariat. Her position has been made possible through a contribution by the Finnish BEAC Presidency. Katja will be responsible for the newly established Barents Financial Mechanism.

Financing of cross-border cooperation in the Barents region is nothing new for Katja. She has previously been representing Finnish regions in the Barents cooperation and she has also worked with the Joint Managing Authority of the Kolarctic CBC Programme in Rovaniemi. She comes from the position as a regional development manager with the Regional Council of Kainuu.

"I have a deep knowledge of what it means to live and work in the Barents region. I believe that my experience, my proactive and diplomatic way of work and ability to find solutions will benefit stakeholders and potential applicants to use this new financial mechanism, provided by the Barents Euro-Arctic Council”.