Launching a dedicated funding programme to support the Barents Cooperation has been high on the agenda of the BEAC member states for several years. As a result of the successful coordination between the Barents countries, the new instrument - the Barents Financial Mechanism – was developed under the Norwegian Chairmanship of the BEAC in 2019-2021. The instrument has been established to support both the current activities of the BEAC working groups as well as their new initiatives. The mechanism will contribute to promoting the Barents region as a unique Arctic region through sustainable development and people-to-people contact.

The application procedure is comprehensive and user-friendly, with the final funding decision on made by a Selection Committee based on the adopted eligibility criteria. The project proposals should be relevant to the objectives of the Barents Programme and priorities of the BEAC and the BRC Chairmanships, with a possible grant sum of up to EUR 40 000. The first call for grant applications is to be announced in 2022.

The programme is open for projects in all spheres of the Barents Cooperation, including Indigenous and youth issues, tourism, transport and logistics, environment, forest sector, and health and culture. We are looking forward to many exciting initiatives that will benefit the sustainability and safety of the unique Barents region!

Read more: Barents Financial Mechanism Rules and Procedures in English and Russian

Check out the page of the XVIII BEAC Ministerial Meeting in Tromsø for more documents.